Simac 170 C


Automatic thread trimming machine

The Simac 170C is a practical and light-weighted easy-to-use machine to trim and discard thread edges.
The thread trimming is accurate and reliable and without risks for the final product, like when it is done freely by hands. Also, the Simac 170C can be operated easily by any worker and it is made of standard, changeable items (scallop and blades) perfect to cut any kind of thread or chains of stitches.
The Simac 170C has a turbine with different power levels and a waste suction bin directly connected with the suction pipe: this ensures an efficient suction level and a precise thread trimming.
The Simac 170C can be set up in two different ways: first one with turbine and thread trimming constantly working, the second one with turbine constantly working and thread trimming regulated by a sensor near the scallop, that activates it whenever it is near the material. 

Mode of use
Turbine speed
Cutting speed
Scallop width
Manual / Automatic
50 mm
Automatic / Oil
220 V
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