Simac 8304


Hot-air-taping machine

Hot-Air-Taping bonding machine for continuous seam-sealing of waterproof, water-resistant and breathable materials. Perfectly suited to the production of outdoor-garments, clothing for military and public authorities, protective clothing, tents and awnings as well as seam preparation for foam padded automobile seats or side rests.


  • Prefect solution for classic tape welding
  • Appropriate for all standard tape welding operations
  • Touch screen with pictograph displays
  • Constant temperature profiles
  • Tape cutter provided as standard
  • Automatic reverse motion when stopping within seam without cutting
  • Differential top and bottom feed
  • Rear post bed for sealing of shoes and other oddly shaped products
Machine type
Upper roller pressure
Upper roller width
Max tape width
Type of material
Max temperature
SI 8304
Rear angle post-bed type
Min. 1 Kg/cm2
Max. 2.5 Kg/cm2
25 mm
12 - 24 mm
AC 220V 50 Hz
700 °C (Max)
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