Buttonhole and eyelet machines

Simac 1790

Electronic buttonhole lockstitch machine with a programmable electronic tension and a thread breaking sensor


Simac 562

Flat machine, double cover, 3 needles 5 threads for medium/light material.

Chain stitch

Simac 928 VIB

Double chain stitch purl arm machine for double interlocking seams on trousers, shirts, work clothes, etc.

The name SIMAC saw the light in 1995 with a precise concept: to forge a series of sewing devices that were reliable, efficient and advantageous in terms of quality-price ratio, and that this advantage could maintain its stability over time – and this stability can still be found today. SIMAC embodies the evolution and wealth of experience gained over the years by all the members of SIVE S.p.A., who supervise each phase of the process to guarantee quality and constant technological improvements.

The assortment of items in the SIMAC series continues to grow constantly to meet the various needs of the contemporary market, and its success throughout Europe represents tangible proof of our sensitivity towards the requests and contributions of our partners, who have placed their trust in we.

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