Simac 1070 MI


Underlay for loops

The new Simac 1070 MI underlay is a blind stitch machine for continuous sewing and ironing of loops.
The machine is equipped with an integrated motor and positioner, adjustable trimming knives and edgers of 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 mm.
The board present is placed near the exit of the sewn loop and is equipped with a convenient panel for adjusting the temperature and is designed for the use of the steam to ensure perfect ironing of the loops coming out of the machine.
There is also a guide for inserting the webbing inside the loop.

Needle system
Stitch lenght
Ironing type
Type of material
Type of motor
Maximum speed stitching
SI 1070 MI
3 - 8 mm
Elettric and Steam
Direct drive
220 Volt
2000 rpm
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