Simac 1295


Post bed one needle unison feed machine

Simac 1295 is equipped with walking foot, needle feed and feed dog, all of which
act completely in unison feed.
Consequently, the upper or lower sewing material did not slip and also this machine
can sew accurately and easily several sheets of heavy materials piled up together.
This machine can promise a smooth sewing quality.
Large hook to assure high efficiency, perfect stitching.
Applied with automatic lubrication system, smooth and quiet running, easy maintenance.
This machine is best suited for sewing sports shoes, lady shoes, jackboots, seats, leather
products, interior furnishings of automobiles,etc..

Needle system
Stitch lenght
Type of material
Max foot height
Type of motor
Hook system
Maximum speed stitching
SI 1295
max 6 mm
medium / heavy
max 16mm
Large hook
2000 rpm
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