Simac 1377


Button attaching double cam

The SIMAC 1377 is a huge innovation in the button attaching machines’ field; thanks to its dial, it’s possible to switch between normal button sewing and cross stitching, without the need for a technician.
Completely mechanical one thread chainstitch and easy-to-use, thanks to its new integrated display.
It’s available in two different versions: with or without thread trimming.
Also, the SIMAC 1377 is suitable for all kind of material, from trousers to shirts, to which is possible to apply 2 or 4 holed buttons.

Integrated motor
Thread trimmer
Button size
Number of stitches
Max clamp height
Sewing size
Maximum speed stitching
SIMAC 1377
9 - 27 mm
8 - 16 - 32
14 mm
2.5/6.5 mm
1500 r.p.m.
9-27 mm
8 - 16 - 32
14 mm
2.5/6.5 mm
1500 r.p.m.
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