Simac 204 102


Fiat bed machine for heavy duty

The Simac 204 102 is a flat bed machine with two needles, a big BARREL hook, feed dog feeding with rotary presser feet and a manual reverse sewing lever.
It’s equipped with two rotary presser feet and an adjustable clamp from 5 to 9 mm width, while the maximum needle size is 200 and it can be regulated to use a thread up to type O.
Simac 204 102 is specifically suited for sewing on any kind of leather and heavy and very heavy materials like leather and hide. It’s also available with optional pneumatic presser foot and automatic back tacking.  

Needles system
Stitch lenght
Type of material
Max foot height
Needles number
Needle distance
Maximum speed stitching
SI 204 102
10 mm
Heavy/extra heavy
25 mm
5/9 mm
800 r.p.m.
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