Simac 255


Cup seamer machine for knitwear

The Simac 255 cup seamer machine is a two or one thread one needle high performance machine for sewing on external knitwear.
It is equipped with feed cups and chain-puller synchronized rollers to grant a continuous work without breaks between a product and the next one.
A knee-press control activate and disactivate the automatic guide that controls the unroller fins to guarantee the alignment of the material. Using the knee-press control is also possible to move the guide vertically, so to increase the distance between seam and edge in case of pre-existing seams. An easy-to-use button allows fast stitch length regulation.
Thickness for Simac 255 01 model is 10-5.
Thickness for Simac 255 03 model is 10-18.

The Simac 255 is available in two different versions: Simac 255 01, for light and medium materials, and Simac 255 03, for medium and heavy materials.

Needles number
Stitch lenght
Type of material
Threads number
Needles system
Distance between edge and seam
Maximum speed stitching
SIMAC 255 01
5 mm
3,4 - 6,7 mm
5,2 - 7,9 mm
4000 r.p.m.
SIMAC 255 03
5 mm
1,9 - 2,9 mm
4000 r.p.m.
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