Simac 887


One needle flatbed machine 

The Simac 887 is a one needle flatbed machine, with high speed, top driven roller, wheel and needle feed to ensure a great feed on various kind of medium heavy materials. 
It has all the thread trimming, automatic and manual backtacking and presser foot lifting options.
What really sets it apart is the two independent stepping motors’ feed, one placed on the lowed feed and the other on the upper feed, the uniform sewing and the high-quality stitches, thanks to the synchronized sewing mechanism.
The Simac 887 is equipped with a small hook, touch screen panel and integrated motor, mechanic tension, integrated led light and a USB port to copy, modify and create sewing patterns directly on the machine. 

Needles system
Stitch lenght
Type of material
Max foot height
Motor type
Hook type
Maximum speed stitching
7 mm
14 mm
Integrated 750W
2500 r.p.m.
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