Simac 896


Automatic welting machine

The new Simac 896 is an automatic machine for straight pocket profiles that features two disengageable needles with a 12 mm or a 10 mm distance, a maximum speed of 3000 rpm, lockstitch, manual insertion of the profile and flap, stapler head with integrated motor, dual sensor for reading flaps and thin thread of the bobbin and three settings of the sewing mode: single, coupled, and cycle.

The SIP420 keyboard has the ability to store up to 100 sewing programs and set the backtack or infection at the start and end of the seam with a profile length from 18 to 220 mm.

Quick change from double to single profile (control included in the accessories), control of the pliers by means of the control panel, third hand, single work surface, split pliers, ceramic engraver knives with mechanical adjustment, integrated laser marker lights. The aspiration system, turbine included, allows the fabric to be stabler on the work surface for an easier positioning.

The sidebar stacker is present and included in the machine.

Motore integrato
Dimensioni del bottone
Numero di punti
Altezza max della pinza
Dimensione della cucitura
Velocità max di cucitura
SIMAC 1377
9 - 27 mm
8 - 16 - 32
14 mm
2.5/6.5 mm
1500 r.p.m.
9-27 mm
8 - 16 - 32
14 mm
2.5/6.5 mm
1500 r.p.m.
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