Simac 9610 725


Post bed machine 

The SIMAC 9610 725 is a one needle post bed machine with double feeding: rotating feed and feeding presser foot.
Recommended to sew any kind of leather and heavy materials, SIMAC 9610 725 is equipped with thread trimming, backtacking and presser foot lifter functions, all of which are automatic, with a backward sewing lever, a built-in LED light and a panel right next to the sewing area to control automatic intermediate backtaking and stitch-by-stitch sewing.
The Simac 9610 725 is also equipped with a vibrating trimming knife on the right side of the needle with a 1,5 mm cutting distance from the sewing, easy to connect and disconnect through a manual lever. 

Needle system
Cut to sewing distance
Stitch lenght
Type of material
Max foot height
Type of motor
Maximum speed stitching
SI 9610 725
1,5 mm
4,5 mm
10 mm
3000 r.p.m.
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