Simac 1011


Invisible stitches machine for loops

The Simac 1011 is an invisible stitches machines with trimming knives especially suitable for sewing loops on regular trousers. It is equipped with a 10mm crimper and a roll holder for reinforcement material and it sews a 10mm complete loop.
Other crimpers for different sizes are available on request.
It is also equipped with a micrometric regulation device that allows the choice of needle penetration’s depth into the fabric.
Available on request with thread trimmer and pneumatic presser foot lifter.

Needles number
Stitch lenght
Type of material
Max foot height
Needles system
Arm lenght
Maximum speed stitching
SIMAC 1011
8 mm
12 mm
LWx6T 29-34
180 mm
2000 r.p.m.
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