Simac 204 273


Post bed machine for heavy materials

The Simac 204 273 is a post bed, two needles and two BARREL hooks machine, with triple feeding, presser foot lifter and reverse sewing lever for pneumatic or manual reverse sewing.
It’s an easy-to-use machine suited for any kind of leather and heavy or extremely heavy materials like leather and hide.
Thanks to the two big BARREL hooks the machine has a great bobbin capacity.
Also, the maximum size of the needle is 200 and adjusted accordingly it’s possible to use a thread up to type O or braided.
The column dimensions are 14,5 cm height, 18 cm width and 8 cm depth.

Needle system
Stitch lenght
Needle distance
Max foot height
Max stitching speed
SI 204 273
12 mm
8 mm
22 mm
400 r.p.m.
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