Simac 6900


Flatbed lockstitch with semi-dry technology

The Simac 6900 is a flatbed machine with lockstitch needle. thread trimmer, presser foot lifter and both automatic and manual back-tacking thanks to a side lever for reverse sewing. With a closed oil tank and the semi-dry technology, the Simac 6900 can guarantee excellent results without the need to lubricate the upper part of the machine, while the oil tank fan and the back handwheel guarantee the cooling of the machine and the direct drive. Suitable for medium-light materials, the machine has an automatic presser foot lift and a manual toggle. The Simac 6900 also comes with a touch screen panel, the magnetic device for holding the needle thread, a convenient LED light to illuminate the work area, a USB port to charge mobile devices and special buttons for stitch-to-stitch sewing and manual back-tacking.

Needle system
Stitch lenght
Under trimmer
Max foot height
Presser foot lift
Backtacking automatic
Maximum speed stitching
5 mm
13 mm
4000 p.p.m.
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