Simac 70 bat


Battery powered electric cutter

The new Simac 70 bat electric cordless cutter has an octagonal HSS rapid steel blade with a diameter of 70 mm.

With a new and compact design, the Simac cutter guarantees freedom of movement and cutting, up to an overall material thickness of 25 mm.

In addition, thanks to the two batteries already included in the package, one 2.2 Ah and one larger 4.5 Ah, the Simac cutter can be used for more than 10 consecutive hours without the need to recharge the batteries.

Equipped with blade sharpener, knife, rear guide and lubricator, the Simac cutter guarantees a clean and precise cut;

in addition, a convenient LED display located above the cutter indicates the remaining battery level.

Blade diameter
Blade type
Max thikness
Engine power
Maximum speed stitching
70 mm
25 mm
160 W
1800 r/min
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