Simac 740


Family overlocks 2 needles 4 threads

The new overlock family sew with 2 needles and 4 threads represents a true innovation in the field of family sew. The new design, the functionality, its accuracy ant the various possibilities of use make the SIMAC 740 a true jewel for any family.


  • Stitch lenght adjustable from 1 to 5 mm
  • Maximum stitching speed: 1500 stitch per minute
  • Push-fit foot adjustable in height up to 6 mm, for seams on heavy materials
  • Adjustable seam rib from 5 to 7mm
  • Anti-glare light inserted
  • Easily defused knife
  • Convenient retractable drawer next to the machine
  • Differentiated transport for seams on stretch knitted fabrics
  • Quickly adjustable thread tension thanks to the micrometric sector
  • Large front and side door to be able to easily insert all the passages of the wire
  • Suitable for any type of spool or spool
  • Easy replacement of Needles
  • Four comfortable suction cups block the machine, eliminating vibrations.
Numero aghi
Sistema aghi
Tipo di materiale
Lunghezza punto
Velocità max di cucitura
3 - 6,5 mm
2300 r.p.m.
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