Simac 120 HX


Automatic ribbon-cutter

The Simac 120 HX is an automatic ribbon-cutter machine that has the ability to perform a wide range of operations as well as a smooth cut without burrs.
The main features of the machine are high speed and precision: in fact, in addition to cutting up to 150 pieces per minute (about 50 mm in length), the stepping motor makes the length of the cut extremely precise.
Using the inclined cutting function thanks to a stepping motor of the straight knife you can cut different shapes such as parallelograms, rhombuses, trapezoids, etc.
only by setting length, quantity and cutting angle (information that is saved in the memory even in the event of a sudden shutdown of the machine).
The blade is made of high quality steel; the hot cutter can cut thin ribbons and belts: a blade heated at will melts the end of the ribbon making the welded cut cleanly without fraying.
The Simac 120 HX is controlled by PLC, which makes it possible to start and end the machining automatically, furthermore the automatic stop occurs even in case of run out of materials during operation.
In addition, thanks to automatic problem diagnostics, in the event of a malfunction, the error is shown directly on the touch screen, in order to find the resolution methods easily and quickly.
It can be used with all types of fabric belts, velcro, shoelaces, soft plastic tubes, cables of various plastic materials, labels, etc.

Cutting length
Max cutting width
Max cutting thickness
Cutting speed
Max blade temperature
30 - 99999 mm
95 mm
30 mm
150 p/min
420 °C
110/220 V
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