Simac 9831 MI


Sew a needle with needle feed

The Simac 9831MI is a 1 needle lockstitch linear machine with needle feed and trimming knife for sewing and trimming the material in one step.

The machine is equipped with automatic presser foot lifter, automatic tacking, thread trimmer, thread clamp and integrated LED light.

The Simac 9831MI is equipped with stepper motors that allow you to adjust comfortably from the touch screen panel on the side the height of the foot, the length of the point and the differentiation of the transport of the material.

The insertion of the threader knife is mechanical and is placed in proximity of the sewing members to facilitate insertion or exit in the seam.

The machine has the following cut width equipped: 3,2 mm and 4,8 mm.

Number of needles
Stitch lenght
Trimming knife
Max foot height
Needles system
Maximum speed stitching
5 mm
15 mm Max
134 - 35
4000 rpm
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