Simac 9875


Flat bed machine with increased stitch length

The Simac 9875 is a single needle lockstitch flat machine with large hook and with a stitch length increased up to 12 mm maximum.
The Simac 9875 is equipped with thread trimmer, presser foot lifter and automatic and manual bartacking by means of a button and thanks to its integrated motor directly on the upper shaft, vibrations are reduced to a minimum.
Suitable for medium-light materials, the machine has an automatic presser foot lift and a manual toggle.
The Simac 9875 also comes standard with the magnetic device to hold the needle thread and a comfortable LED light that illuminates the work area.

Needle system
Stitch lenght
Type of material
Max foot height
Type of motor
Thread trimmer
Maximum speed stitching
SIMAC 9875
Max 12 mm
13 mm
Direct drive
5000 s.p.m.
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